Recording Available for CommUniversity Session: “Whether and How to Form a Nonprofit”

The CommNS partnered with the UW-Madison Law School and Marquette Law School to offer an in-demand CommUniversity session this past April. The session was titled “Whether and How to Form a Nonprofit,” and presenters were:

  • Tami Patel, Supervising Attorney, Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Kathryn Mertz, Director of Pro Bono and Public Service at Marquette University Law School
  • Mary Beth Collins, Executive Director, Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

If you want to form a nonprofit and are curious about where to begin, wonder if it’s a good idea, or just want to know what it takes, check out the recording. A longer description of the session is included on the event poster below.

Watch the Recording


Whether and how to form a nonprofit comm university session poster