Collaboration. Research. Evaluation. Outreach. Strategy.


Co-Create is the CommNS space for collaborative research, evaluation, and strategic action for social impact. The Co-Create team partners with nonprofit organizations and community groups to address the pressing questions their communities face.


Co-Create is here to help you advance your vision for social change through engaged research. Our team brings expertise in:

  • Community and nonprofit research
  • Data collection, analysis, participatory research, and evaluation
  • Strategic planning, program design, and group process
  • Nonprofit operations, infrastructure, policies, & board governance
  • Connecting to university experts and opportunities

Bring us your questions, your challenges, and your dreams, and let’s create together!

Want to explore a Co-Create project with the CommNS?

Contact Amy Hilgendorf, Associate Director for Engaged Research: or 608-712-5950.

Services for Nonprofits and Community Groups

  • Program evaluation & planning
  • Data management & use
  • Program development
  • Research-to-practice translation
  • Operations & infrastructure technical assistance
  • Stakeholder assessments
  • Communication planning
  • Strategic planning

Services for Researchers

General research support – Literature reviews; participant recruitment; survey set-up and administration; interview and focus group support; quantitative and qualitative data management, entry, and analysis support.

Participatory research support – Research advisory group formation and facilitation; community partner engagement; participatory data analysis and writing sessions.

Outreach & dissemination – Multimedia & multi-audience research dissemination; developing presentations, panels, community dialogues and other events; curriculum development; editing and writing support.