Collaboration. Research. Evaluation. Outreach. Strategy.


Co-Create is a CommNS team dedicated to informing community-led social change through collaborative research, evaluation, and facilitation. All our projects are grounded in co-creation—we work hand in hand with those closest to an issue to find new paths forward.

What we do

We partner with nonprofits and community groups to…

Collaboratively develop and improve programs and community efforts through community-driven visioning, evaluation, and stakeholder assessment.

Draw on research evidence to inform action through reviews of relevant literature and administrative data analysis.

We partner with researchers and academics to…

Center community leadership in their work by coordinating community participation in data collection, data analysis, writing, and dissemination.

Broaden their reach by translating their research and connecting it to key policy, program, and community audiences.

Three talking bubbles with multi-colored shapes inside that show the separate pieces come together to form a square shape.

Bring us your questions, challenges, and dreams—let’s create together!

Contact Amy Washbush, Associate Director for Engaged Research, at or 608-712-5950