Youth sharing stories of connection to earth and the environment, across cultures and generations.

Gente de la Tierra

Gente de la Tierra is one way that the CommNS stays connected to its global partners. Through this partnership with the Museo de Ciencias Ambientales and the Earth Partnership program, the CommNS is working to foster youth engagement and build healthy and sustainable communities around the globe.

Our partners

Earth Partnership Program promotes native habitat restoration as a process for community learning and land stewardship.

Through facilitated relationship-building and dialogue, communities identify their shared stewardship vision and the ways [Earth Partnership] can help make it a reality.

Museo de Ciencias Ambientales is a community-university space in process, with a goal of connecting city and environment for stronger community.

El Museo de Ciencias Ambientales tiene como propósito “Comprender la ciudad e inspirar la conservación de la naturaleza que la sustenta”.

We are currently engaged in a grant-supported program to further develop this exciting project.  Thank you to LACIS for their generous support!

Share your stories!

Are you interested in starting an environmental storytelling effort with youth and elders in your community? We want to hear from you!

¡Por favor, considera ser parte de nuestra comunidad de Gente de la Tierra/People of the Earth! Visualizamos este esfuerzo para dar como resultado una colección inspiradora de historias de personas de todo el mundo y sus experiencias con la naturaleza y el medioambiente.

The Gente de la Tierra fotoblog project seeks global partners and participants to help us tell the important story of community members’ relationship with the natural environment. We partner with schools and programs that serve and work with teenagers and young adults, since this content is sourced by young people around the world.

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Juan, docente, Zapopan, Mexico.

“No coexistimos con la naturaleza, vivivmos de la naturaleza. La naturaleza tiene la capacidad de regenerarse pero no al ritmo que la consumimos.” #prepa15 #zapopanjalisco

Lori, Earth Partnership teacher, Bad River Reservation near Ashland, Wisconsin.

“The contamination of water, especially with plastics, in my area is a big challenge. It is important to reuse plastic so we can cut down on the production of new plastic. . . Nature has taught us that we are not in control of her. She is trying to cleanse herself with storms and natural disasters.
I feel connected to nature in Bad River by the lakeshore because it has magic in it. And I like that 90% of our 120,000 acres is not developed.” #badriver #lakesuperior #reduceplastics

PILAR, bibliotecaria, Guadalajara, Mexico

“Considero que el principal reto ambiental al que nos enfrentamos es lograr preservar la naturaleza; cuidarla, respetarla y darle la categoría que debe de tener en el entorno mundial. Esto a través de admirarla cada vez más, porque al admirarla la vamos a respetar.” #Prepa15 #WiscoJalisco