Michael Maguire

Credentials: M.S.

Position title: Faculty Associate and undergraduate liaison

When he’s teaching, Michael feels as though he’s living out his purpose in life.  Our students are a significant source of that purpose for him.  Their curiosity, their genuine concern for others, and their sincere commitment to make positive change in the world inspire me!  Our Community Nonprofit Leadership major affords our students and me the opportunity to look at both “big picture” issues that affect our global community, and day to-day challenges that impact individuals and neighborhoods.  We do our best, together, to engage with the world of ideas and the reality of what contributes to healthy community life.  SoHE is the best atmosphere for him to teach what he does and to serve our Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies because it’s one of the places on our campus where big ideas and ‘wicked problems’ collide with creative thinking and our collective search for solutions – every day!