Mary Beth Collins

Credentials: J.D, M.A.

Position title: Executive Director

Mary Beth has professional experience as a teacher, attorney, and nonprofit director, and has always been passionate about the strength and well-being of communities, families, and mission-based enterprises. She has dedicated much of her career and free time to the “third sector”, and wishes to play a role in a critical exploration of the full potential of this sector for the future well-being of communities and society. She is excited to continue this journey at SoHE, with its long tradition of multidisciplinary and applied work focused on individual, family, and community thriving.  Through Mary Beth’s work as Executive Director of the Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies (the “CommNS”), Director of Centers Engagement, and in developing and delivering our SoHE Professional Skills Courses, her aim is to facilitate processes and learning that will harness University of Wisconsin-Madison and SoHE assets in authentic collaboration with community partners, to make advances in the role of community and nonprofit organizations and campus partnerships to ultimately make a better Wisconsin, and a better world. She wholeheartedly believes it is an honor to work with so many amazing faculty members, staff, students, and community partners as collective purveyors of the Wisconsin Idea!  Forward!