2020 Annual Event | Takeaways and Taking it Forward in Dual Pandemics

This event has passed.

@ 1:30 pm CDT - 3:00 pm CDT

This informal discussion will feature some key voices from our network, and our Keynote Speaker, Shariq Siddiqui. UW-Madison Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies will facilitate this conversation, and invite questions from participants.  Join us for this important opportunity to process some of what we’ve learned about “Getting the Work Done” in our time together at the Annual Event, and dig in more on challenges and opportunities in continuing the work of nonprofit and community efforts in dual pandemics.  We hope this session will help launch us back into our work, in unprecedented times, energized and with a feeling of connection and solidarity across our various efforts and communities.

Participants will include:

  • Dr. Shariq Siddiqui, our keynote speaker
  • Gina Podesta, one of our Advisory Board members and a global nonprofit professional and regional social innovation expert
  • Sakuri Fears, one of our Community-Engaged Learning community advisors, an experienced consultant with background in public sector and nonprofit sector based in Milwaukee.
  • Brian D. McInnes, Associate Professor, Leola R. Culver Professor in Nonprofits and Philanthropy, Faculty Director of CommNS: Civil Society and Community Studies Department; Community and Nonprofit Leadership Major.
  • Marin “Mark” Webster Denning was born on the Menominee reservation and is enrolled in the  Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. His Anishinaabe name is Naadawe Banaise and he is Sturgeon Clan. His ancestry includes Menominee, Mille Lacs Ojibwe, Lanape, Delaware and Mohican, French and English.
    • Marin served as the Executive Director of Southeastern Oneida Tribal Services. He is nationally recognized as a leading educator, lecturer and curriculum specialist in American Indian history and culture. Marin served on the board of directors at Milwaukee’s Indian Community School, now celebrating 50 years of American Indian education. He also served as an advisor on the Gates Millennium Educational Foundation and is a board member of Indian Summer Festival. He is a lecturer at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee – in the school of education and serves as a consultant and trainer with Boeing Corporation.

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