Student Alumni

Jessica Fischer served as our Outreach and Administration Graduate Student Lead from 2018 to 2020, returned to serve as the Continuing Education Lead Coordinator, and is currently a fellow at Global Giving in Washington, D.C.

Grace Armstrong served as a Co-Create team member from 2018 to 2020 and is currently a medical student at UW-Madison.

Gregg Potter served as our Continuing Education PR staff, helping to plan educational programming outreach and the 2022 CommUnity Conference. He is now growing his small business as a Collaboration Coach.

Molly Wirz served as part of the CommNS Communications Team and performed responsibilities as the Website Manager. Molly graduated in 2021 and is currently a Design and Evaluation Analyst at the UW-Population Health Institute with the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps team.

Dr. Troy Williams is a graduate of the Civil Society and Community Research PhD program. Troy worked as a lead project assistant for the POWER Collective.

Betsy Parker is planning to return to her position as Nature Net Director at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center – but with a new sense of understanding of and commitment to human ecological connections and meaningful nonprofit governance. She is looking forward to applying her skills and learnings in this position and potentially in other leadership opportunities as they (surely will) arise. Betsy worked for the CommNS as a Special Projects Graduate Assistant.

Alexa Heller, Akshay Kaura, Giselle Monette, and Doniqua Smith served as Co-Create Undergraduate Research Assistants.

Lauren Wood worked for the CommNS as a Co-Create Communications Intern.

Sophie Morris served as the Communications Undergraduate Assistant during her time at the CommNS.

Dr. Bakari Wallace served as the inaugural CommNS Teaching Team Graduate Assistant and helped to design and deliver our first round of Professional Skills graduate-level courses. Dr. Wallace also served as a graduate student member of the Co-Create team.

Vivien Ahrens, Ruby Bafu, Leo Kin-Chong Chao, Sahian Cruz, Tianna Gray, Allison Hellenbrand, Alicia Iverson, Nilvio Alexander Punguil Bravo, and Elizabeth Skora worked for the CommNS as Co-Create Graduate Research Assistants.

Sophie Herrmann worked for the CommNS as the Operations Undergraduate Assistant.

Kate Wallner served as an Administrative Undergraduate Intern during her time with the CommNS.