CommNS Team Alumni


Graduate Research Assistants

Vivien Ahrens

Ruby Bafu

Leo Kin-Chong Chao

Allison Crook (Hellenbrand)

Sahian Cruz

Tianna Gray

Alicia Iverson

Nilvio Alexander Punguil Bravo

Elizabeth Skora

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Grace Armstrong

Alexa Heller

Akshay Kaura

Giselle Monette

Doniqua Smith

Other Co-Create Roles

Lauren Wood | Co-Create Communications Intern

CommNS Administration and Leadership

Chandani Bhandari | Outreach and Infrastructure Intern, Co-Create Project Assistant

Kelly Fagan | Undergraduate Fundraising and Development Intern

Jessica Fischer | Outreach and Administration Graduate Student Lead

Sophie Herrmann | Operations Undergraduate Assistant

Janel (Meinderse) Hutchison | Outreach and Engagement Lead, Co-Create Graduate Assistant

Dr. Brian McInnes | Professor of Civil Society and Community Research and Faculty Liaison

Sophie Morris | Communications Undergraduate Assistant

Gregg Potter | Continuing Education Public Relations Lead

Janessa Thao | Undergraduate Fundraising and Development Intern

Kate Wallner | Administrative Undergraduate Intern

Molly Wirz | Website Manager

Teaching and Other Initiatives

Betsy Parker | Special Projects Graduate Assistant

Dr. Bakari Wallace | CommNS Teaching Team Graduate Assistant and Co-Create Graduate Research Assistant

Dr. Troy Williams | P.O.W.E.R. Collective Lead Project Assistant